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Sometimes, small solutions can make a big difference. That's especially true for companies with massive shipping needs, and auto manufacturers certainly fit that description. To make that live for you, consider an automaker like Ford, building roughly 2 million vehicles a year. On average, each car consists of 30,000 parts. Folks, that's a lot of parts going from place to place, and it costs money to ship them.

That's where this rather ordinary box from P2Packaging comes in. It looks like any other box, because it pretty much is. The difference here is that the internal partition is custom-sized and permanently fitted into each box, and boxes are available in a range of customizable sizes. The boxes can also be folded down and reused, and because of the custom nature, there's virtually no wasted space.

According to the Detroit Free Press, boxes from P2Packaging are used by just about every major automaker to ship parts between factories and locations all around the world. The report highlights vehicle interior components as a specialty for the boxes, which makes sense considering the delicate nature of leather or fabric trim of some items. The corrugated structure provides protection, and the fixed inserts provide strength. Furthermore, the report states boxes can be reused as many as 10 times. Simply fold them up and send them back for a new shipment of parts.

It's something the average consumer takes for granted, and on a small scale, there isn't any financial benefit. However, if you build 2 million cars a year, each with 30,000 parts, that's 60 billion parts. Not all parts are shipped, and some that are don't fit in traditional boxes. But it doesn't take a genius to see millions of dollars in savings from using such a box. The Detroit Free Press doesn't offer any specific estimates on savings, but sources in the article aren't shy about placing it in the millions of dollars.

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