Pagani isn't willing to retire the Zonda just yet as they have produced another one-off version, this time called "ZoZo".

The Zonda was originally supposed to reach the end of the line after the track-only Revolucion version unveiled back in mid-2013 but due to popular demand Pagani kept the model alive through a series of unique custom built models. The latest example is known as "ZoZo" and it was ordered by Yusaku Maezaw, founder of Japanese online fashion mall Zozotown from where the car gets its name.

It looks a lot like the Zonda 760 LH (Lewis Hamilton), but with two extra rear lights sitting above the standard taillights which have been blackened. Prototype Zero says the additional lighting clusters are inspired by early Zonda R renderings dating back to 2007.

It should be mentioned the Zonda ZoZo is an entirely new vehicle so it's not an upgrade of an existing car. Just like all the other 760 models, it packs an AMG V12 7.3-liter naturally aspirated engine pushing out 760 HP (559 kW).

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