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There's still some serious demand for the mid-engine C8 Chevrolet Corvette. A UAW strike followed by the COVID-19 pandemic and semiconductor shortage created a perfect storm to hamper production, but for some hopeful Corvette buyers, time is a bit more critical. That's why we're happy to hear about this feel-good story of the Greatest Generation and the latest Corvette generation.

Meet Bobbie Carson, a 95-year-old Corvette enthusiast who's owned seven Bow Tie sports cars through his lifetime, according to WNKY News 40 in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Carson is also a World War II veteran, having ended his teenage years fighting in Germany at the war's end in 1945. He now has his eighth Corvette, a 2022 Arctic White Stingray that was delivered to him at the National Corvette Museum just 30 days after he ordered it.

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A video included in the report shows Carson at the museum, sitting behind the wheel of his new C8 as a member of the museum looks over the interior with him. The report explains that Chevrolet bumped Carson to the front of the 2022 Corvette waiting list after learning of Carson's order and that, at age 95, time was of the essence. Driving a 495-horsepower (369-kilowatt) mid-engine sports car capable of reaching 60 mph in 3.0 seconds is certainly a great way to stay young. To Carson's credit, he looks absolutely capable of putting the C8 through its paces.

With the average life expectancy in the U.S. pegged at 77.8 years, Carson is showing the world how it's done and this new 'Vette isn't just something that will sit in his garage. WNKY says the U.S. Army veteran is selling his other car and will use his new 2022 Corvette as a daily driver back at his Georgia home. Well done, sir. Very well done, indeed.

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