Dutch media is reporting Ferrari has decided to recall all 499 units of the LaFerrari due to a possible fire risk issue.

Modern Ferrari models unfortunately have a long history of catching fire and it seems the LaFerrari is prone to suffer the same fate if we were to believe a report issued by AutoBlog.nl. They say all 499 units are now being recalled because there’s a risk of fire, but details are murky at this point.

However, the prancing horse is indeed asking LaFerrari owners to bring their cars in for some "adjustments" to the fuel tank. Ferrari is not willing to call this procedure a recall, but the attached image from a Ferrari dealer in Germany indicates this is more than just a minor repair as the car's rear end has been dismantled so the problems seem to be quite heavy.


Ferrari told Autocar all units will get a "fuel tank upgrade" which will take about eight hours per car to complete. They aren't treating this as an official recall and owners shouldn't worry because apparently there aren't any fire risks.

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