The Kia Picanto/Morning has been shamelessly duplicated in China where it's known as the Yogomo 330.

If this isn't your first time on WCF you probably have seen your fair share of copy/paste designs from China but this one probably takes the cake. It's called the Yogomo 330 and is nothing more than an outrages replica of the Kia Picanto/Morning. To the untrained eye it could very well pass as the real deal, but it's easy to spot the dodgy construction as the doors aren't even properly aligned while the gap around the wheels is huge.

Our Chinese is a little bit rusty but from the page we managed to find out the model is 3450mm long, 1500mm wide and 1480mm tall, with a 2385mm wheelbase. You won't see an exhaust pipe because this is an EV with an electric motor offered with either 7.5 kW or 13 kW teamed up with a lead-acid or lithium-ion battery. One of the versions can hit a top speed of 37 mph (60 km/h) and will do 160 km (99 miles) before running of battery juice.

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