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Sotheby's has been known as the world’s largest and dynamic marketplace for art and luxury since 1744. Basically, if you're shopping around for unique artifacts and art pieces to be added to your collection, Sotheby's should be one of your stops.

This year, the art auction house featured Boundless Space: The Possibilities of Burning Man. It's a charitable sale that features artifacts from the previous Burning Man events, and since you're reading from an automotive website, you probably know what we've found – three insane cars that went off for a hefty sum.

Rocket Car by David Best
CarCroach-A Motor City Survivor, Built for Black Rock by Ryan C. Doyle
Mayan Warrior Mask by Alex Grey

First off and a personal favorite, the Rocket Car by David Best. Built from an original 1973 Cadillac Sedan DeVille, the Rocker Car is probably the most sane-looking among the selection of art cars being sold in the auction.

That said, some exceptions were made for Best, including the Black Rock City’s Department of Mutant Vehicles' rule that the cars should be completely unrecognizable from their production counterpart. It may not look like it, but the Rocket Car can actually seat 16 – or at least it was seen that way before in a previous Burning Man event.

David Best's Rocket Car went off for $36,000.

Ryan C. Doyle's CarCroach-A Motor City Survivor, Built for Black Rock gained traction beyond Burning Man events. Following the protests during the summer of 2020, this weird-looking art car was built atop a road-registered Honda Civic but stood as a statement while rolling down an avenue in Detroit. It met the hammer at $24,000.

The most expensive art car concept sold at the charitable auction was the Mayan Warrior by Alex Grey, sold for $40,320. With dimensions 13 feet by 11 feet, the sculpted mask was made of fiberglass and resin built on a steel armature. It represents the teachings of the Mayans, which included sacred rituals, mysticism, and self-discovery.

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