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For the first two years of the mid-engine Chevy Corvette, those who opted for the Z51 Performance Package got a host of upgrades to make the 'Vette C8 more track-capable. The upgrades include better tires, revised suspension tuning, bigger brakes, increased cooling capacity, aeros like splitter and decklid spoiler, and other oily performance bits.

That said, if you ordered the Corvette C8 with the Z51 package along with the High Wing, Chevrolet would give you both a decklid spoiler and a wing. The car would be shipped to the dealer with the spoiler installed, while the wing would be installed during pre-delivery inspection (PDI).

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But that won't be the case for the 2022 model year – at least that's what the video from Rick Corvette Conti above is telling us. At around the 9-minute mark, you'll see a 2022 Corvette in Accelerate Yellow missing the decklid spoiler but with pre-punched holes for the High Wing.

According to the video, Corvettes ordered with Z51 package and High Wing won't come with the spoiler installed, while there will be pre-punched holes on the trunk lid for the installation of the huge wing. This, alongside the other changes for the Corvette's 2022 model year.

This shouldn't be a huge issue, really, since you won't be using the spoiler anyway. However, if you're counting on making a few hundred dollars by selling the spoiler, you'd be disappointed.

Of note, a quick peek on eBay shows the Z51 spoiler being sold for around $400 to $500.

At this point, this information is unofficial, so if you're among those who are in a similar situation as the customer above, you might want to confirm with your dealer if you'll still be receiving the Z51 spoiler as part of the package.

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