Motorhomes made accessible for wheelchair users aren't exactly new. There have been a number of examples we've seen before, such as Winnebago's Class A RVs that were revealed back in 2019.

However, the Minnesota-based RV company revealed another variation for its wheelchair-friendly motorhomes. Introducing, the Winnebago Roam – a Class B camper van based on the Ram ProMaster, which won't require too much parking space nor a hefty price of admission. Even better, it still offers plenty of cabin space despite its relatively smaller cabin compared to the other wheelchair-friendly RVs in Winnebago's lineup.

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Of course, one of the key features of the Winnebago Roam is its remote-controlled wheelchair lift for easy ingress and egress. It's a Braun UVL wheelchair lift with a wireless remote. There are also integrated tie-downs that secure the wheelchair so the user can use it as another seat while traveling.

Winnebago also made sure that cabinets and storage compartments inside the Roam are accessible even while seated, with specially-made duffels for easier loading and unloading. Even the galley is designed with accessibility in mind, which includes a refrigerator, microwave, and sink, plus an outlet for an induction cooktop.

Another cool feature inside the Winnebago Roam is its convertible sofa, which can turn into a bed with a touch of a button. The power feature makes for a very easy conversion, especially for people with impaired mobility.

As mentioned, the Roam is based on the Ram ProMaster, but Winnebago was able to shoehorn enough space for our buddies to wheel around inside. There's even a private bathroom despite the limited size, which features an integrated shower and a cassette-style toilet.

Winnebago hasn't disclosed the pricing for its wheelchair-friendly Roam camper van at the time of this writing. Of note, non-Accessibility Enhanced camper vans in the Winnebago lineup hovers around the $100,000 price tag.

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