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Ford opted to drop sedans and compact cars in favor of crossovers, SUVs, and trucks a few years ago, and that shift has gifted consumers with the Bronco Sport. It’s a nice companion to the bigger, more rugged regular Bronco, though the Sport shares its platform with a different Ford product – the Escape. The Escape is a brand staple, but the company’s September sales results show consumers are starting to fall in love with the bite-sized Bronco.

September saw Ford sell 11,686 Bronco Sports compared to 11,462 Escapes sold during the same period. This is the first time the Sport has outsold the Escape since the baby Bronco went on sale. It’s a small victory, but one that shows how quickly the new crossover has found an audience. However, the Bronco Sport has its work cut out for it if it wants to claim a total sales victory for all of 2021.

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Escape sales were down last month– 31.8 percent compared to September 2020 – though the Sport still trails the Escape in overall sales for the year – 81,204 to 111,791. Escape sales are down 15.2 percent for the year, and a few of those customers are likely flocking to the boxier crossover option in Ford’s stable. They are drastically different designs, with a different selection of equipment, too, though those differences don’t translate to big changes under the hood.

The two offer the same powertrains, even though they’re built at different factories. Ford builds the Escape in Kentucky and at various other plants around the world, while the Bronco Sport rolls off the assembly line at Ford’s Hermosillo Stamping and Assembly in Mexico. Ford is also marketing the Escape and Bronco Sport differently, with the Branco Sport designed to attract those with an off-road attitude. In contrast, Ford aims the Escape at your more traditional crossover customers.

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