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We were truly happy when we learned Skoda is working on a new generation Superb for the European market. One of Volkswagen Group’s core brands, the Czech company is betting heavily on SUVs, though it remains committed to the now shrinking D-segment on the Old continent.

Just a few days ago, we saw an early mule of the next-gen Superb, accompanied by official sketch images released by the automaker. Our colleagues from were quick to combine all the knowledge available so far to create this early preview of the next iteration of Skoda’s flagship model.

Gallery: 2023 Skoda Superb renderings

It already seems that the manufacturer will play it safe when it comes to the design of the new Superb. The brand’s Exterior Design Coordinator Petr Matušinec confirmed earlier this year the vehicle will follow the evolutionary approach when it comes to the exterior, and the early sketches showed similar proportions and design lines with the model that’s still available at Skoda’s showrooms. However, just like almost any new Skoda, the new Superb will grow in its size.

The Czech automaker likes to keep its products at the upper end of each respective segment when it comes to their dimensions. This makes the Fabia, Octavia, and Superb - Skoda’s three core non-SUV models, significantly more practical compared to their direct rivals, which is a very appreciated advantage by the European customers. Once more, the new Superb will grow bigger to leave enough room on the market for the current Octavia.

Speaking of the Octavia, we can’t help but notice the new Superb will follow a very similar design direction. The sketches provided by Skoda hinted at a front end that’s almost identical to the Octavia, and these new renderings reflect that pretty accurately. made computer drawings of the Superb liftback, which has a sloped roofline and wide and thin taillights, reminiscent of the Octavia liftback.

We expect to start seeing prototypes of the new Superb with production body and lights relatively soon. Once the test cars are out on the public roads, we’ll probably have a more accurate picture of what to expect from the redesigned D-segment model.

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