McLaren has announced they don't need to come out with an SUV in order to be profitable.

McLaren has announced they don't need to come out with an SUV in order to be profitable.

Speaking with the gathered press at the Geneva Motor Show, McLaren Automotive CEO Mike Flewitt said the company has what it takes to make a profit without having to resort to an SUV. To do that, he believes McLaren has to focus on three things, with the first one being an expansion of sales across more markets. Currently they sell 20 percent of the cars in Europe, 35 percent in North American and 30 percent in Asia.

Flewitt said the second thing to do is keep a tight control over costs by reusing the same technology on more models, something which they are already doing as their cars (including the upcoming Sport Series) share a twin-turbo V8 3.8-liter engine and a carbon fiber monocoque.

The third and final step is to reinvest the money earned to keep the models updated since Flewitt believes those who buy supercars are impatient and they move from one car to the other in a fast manner. As a consequence, McLaren has to keep their cars fresh and competitive which is why the 650S will likely be replaced as early as 2017.

McLaren Automotive’s CEO says the company is on track to sell 3,300 cars next year, helped by the upcoming entry-level Sports Series which will initially be offered in the form of two coupes. The exact names of these cars is not known at this moment, but Flewitt said it will follow the familiar "power-output-then-letter pattern", adding that both coupes will start with the number "5". The base version will use "C" in its name while the hotter model will have "S". A long tail derivative has been confirmed to come later on while a Spider version is likely planned as well.

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