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Fall is definitely in the air and folks in the northern latitudes are beginning their annual preparations for winter. By folks, we don't just mean human beings either. At least one extremely busy squirrel in North Dakota is determined to survive the worst of winter, and possibly winters for the next several years thanks to a positively massive harvest of walnuts totaling over 150 pounds. And they were all stashed in a Chevrolet Avalanche.

Finding nuts under the hood of stored vehicles isn't anything new, but this overachieving squirrel took things to the next level. Bill Fischer is the owner of this Chevy, and according to the Grand Forks Herald, this walnut extravaganza happened in just a few days. Fischer shared a plethora of images on Facebook showing no less than 42 gallons of walnuts pulled from the truck, and they were everywhere. In fact, the entire front clip had to be disassembled to remove walnuts from the fenders, the bumper, and everywhere around the engine. And apparently, it's the handiwork of just one red squirrel.


In a comment on one of his posts, Fischer says the walnut tree in his yard produces walnuts every other year, and for the last 16 years, "the squirrel is up 8-0." In another comment, he ponders whether it's been the same red squirrel this whole time, as it looks the same and always sits on the same branch. According to the Suny College of Environmental Science and Forestry, American red squirrels have an average lifespan between three and five years, though some can reach 10 years. So either this red squirrel is living a very charmed life, or others have carried on the tradition of packing away nuts somewhere around Fischer's home.

The saga isn't over, either. After filling six buckets with walnuts, Fischer told the Grand Forks Herald that some walnuts are inaccessible and still rolling around in frame rails. And with fall just beginning, there's still plenty of time for the squirrel to refill its war chests.

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