Following the news that Koenigsegg could launch a four-door model within the next five years, now it has emerged the Swedish supercar manufacturer is working on an engine with no camshafts.

Again Top Gear reports an engineering team of eight members has been developing this unit for the last few years, while Christian von Koenigsegg has been toying with the idea for almost 14 years. He says the project will be ready “within the next couple of years”.

“The way I see it, if you view the engine as a piano, and the valves as keys, with a camshaft, you're playing the piano with a broomstick”, he told TG at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. “The reason you have a four-valve cylinder head instead of a two-valve is so it can breathe freely on high rpm for more power, but that's counteracting your efforts at low rpm, because you get less speed through bigger ports and less turbulence and poorer distribution.”

“The first thing is to shut off two valves”, he continued. “Then if you get rid of the throttle body - because you can throttle with the valves - you can open them a little or a lot, you get better response than butterflies on an intake tract, because you're in the combustion engine. Thirdly you can shut off cylinders completely like Audi is doing, but you don't have to choose just two to do it. And fourth, you can have any valve timing you want - a diesel-like character, or an F1-type character because you have no restriction whatsoever in cam profile.”

 Note: Koenigsegg Regera powertrain pictured.

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