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Millionaire Reima Kuisla received a whopping €54,024 fine for speeding in Finland.

It happened at the end of February after he was caught by the police doing 64 mph (103 km/h) in a 50 mph (80 km/h) zone and according to Finland laws, the fines are given directly proportioned with the driver's income. Since he posted a €6.5 million annual income, the police authorities did the math and ended up with a huge €54,024 (about $58,874 / £38,977) fine.

In a Facebook post, Reima Kuisla said "Finland is impossible to live in for certain kinds of people who have high incomes and wealth. I'm considering leaving the country."

You will be surprised to hear this isn't actually the biggest speeding ticket from Finland as back in 2002, a Nokia executive was caught with his Harley Davidson motorcycle doing 47 mph (75 km/h) in a 30 mph (50 km/h) limit and received an almost unbelievable €116,000 ($103,600 at that time) ticket.

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