Even though Porsche is an automaker with a relatively small lineup, it gives the impression it's working on updates 24/7. That's perhaps not a surprise seeing as how the 911 family has more variations than we can count and the same can be said about the smaller 718 sports cars. The Cayenne is no exception, spawning multiple versions and a separate body style with the not-a-coupe Coupe.

After launching the Coupe-only Turbo GT, the peeps from Zuffenhausen appear to be focusing on the flagship version with its complicated name – Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid. The prototype is a telltale sign the whole Cayenne family will be getting a mid-cycle update as the third-gen model was introduced a little over four years ago.

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It's not just any prototype of Porsche's big SUV as we are dealing with the Turbo S E-Hybrid with its quad exhaust tips. The acid green brake calipers are dual fuel caps are signs of an electrified setup, the most powerful of the bunch as it pumps out a massive 670 horsepower, thus eclipsing the 631-hp Turbo GT. Although it may seem undisguised at the front glance, the headlights have fake stickers hiding the real design and there's also some black tape on the front bumper.

Bigger changes could take place inside the cabin where the prototype spied high-altitude testing in Colorado featured a rather unusual center console. It's pretty clear the dashboard is not the final version as the infotainment has a ghastly hump with a thick bezel made out of cheap plastic. We don't know whether the display will indeed stick out from the dash or this particular Cayenne had a provisional setup.

The bulky automatic gear lever is now gone, replaced with a much smaller shaver-like design already used in the 992-generation 911 to give the lower section of the center console a cleaner look. Bear in mind this Cayenne is a prototype, so the quality of the materials is certainly not on a par with what you'll find in the production version.

We're expecting the wraps to come off either by the end of the year or early 2022 and there could be some changes underneath the hood since Porsche's engineers are always finding ways to tweak their powertrains.

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