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Finding a new car on a dealer lot to buy right now is a major challenge because the microchip shortage is limiting the production of lots of vehicles. One option is to be patient, place an order, and wait months for the vehicle to arrive. Another choice is to buy the limited selection that's available. A new Ford incentive hopes to convince more people to do the latter.

Ford will give a $2,000 discount to customers who buy a vehicle that's in stock if the person already has a "verified unscheduled 21MY retail order," according to Cars Direct citing a letter sent to dealers. The document said the offer was coming from "understanding that some customers may not be able to wait to take delivery of a 22MY vehicle."

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Cars Direct notes that this incentive is a private offer, meaning that Ford is not advertising its availability.

This offer runs through November 1 and is available in addition to other incentives. The BroncoMaverickF-150 TremorF-150 Lightning, and E-Transit are not eligible for this incentive.

It's not clear why the Lightning is even on this list because deliveries don't start until spring 2022, so there shouldn't be any of them sitting on dealer lots. The little Maverick pickup is still so fresh into its production run, there probably aren't many just waiting for a buyer in showrooms either.

In addition to the chip shortage, Ford has been grappling with lots of issues with producing the new Bronco. Most notably, the company has had quality control problems with the hardtop roof. The company launched a customer satisfaction program for waiting buyers where dealers can spend up to $1,000 on gifts. The automaker suggested that showrooms purchase a buyer's favorite bottle of liquor as part of the make-good effort.

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