nanoFlowcell has taken the wraps off the QUANTiNO concept at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show where it's being exhibited alongside the QUANT F.

It has been envisioned as an EV for the mass market and operates at a 48 V voltage with output rated at four times 25 kW which corresponds to 125 HP. This is possible by combining the nanoFlowcell setup with a buffer system and electric motors which help the QUANTiNO reach a maximum speed in excess of 124 mph (200 km/h)

The 3.91-meter long 2+2 vehicle rides on massive 22-inch wheels and has two 175-liter tanks carrying 350 liters of ionic liquids which enable a range of more than 621 miles (1,000 km). The refueling process has remained just about the same, only now the tanks are filled with different liquids since one carries a positive charge while the other contains a negative charge.

nanoFlowcell says prototypes will commence testing in the near future and they are aiming to obtain homologation necessary for mass production.

nanoFlowcell QUANTiNO concept draws attention in Geneva