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The Ford Maverick is a very affordable truck and the Blue Oval really wants its patron to consider it as their next purchase. In fact, the most affordable Maverick you can buy is priced at $19,995 before destination and handling while the most expensive, fully-loaded example ceilings at $42,835.

If you're among those who are enticed with these numbers, you should also know that Ford is offering a pretty solid deal, as discovered by CarsDirect through bulletins sent to dealers this past week.

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According to the website, the Maverick is eligible for 'No Payments For 90 Days' deal, which means those who want to own one will have deferred monthly amortization for three months. The 90-day deferred payment program is available via Ford Credit, only applicable if you're buying the car (sorry, leasers).

As the icing to this cake, CarsDirect also discovered that the deferred payment deal can be had on top of the zero percent APR financing that Ford currently offers with the compact truck. The zero-percent interest promo is limited to a three-year term. Those who would like to finance their truck for a longer period of time, say 60 months or even 72, will shoulder 1.9 percent and 3.9 percent APR, respectively.

Needless to say, pricing is a pretty important factor in enticing buyers into completing a purchase. Will this attractive deferred payment deal work for interested buyers? Only time will tell but right now, we don't see any reason why not. Even better, CarsDirect also discovered that the promo will be available until November 30, 2021.

Meanwhile, the Maverick's tightest rival, the Hyundai Santa Cruz, is priced just a hair below $24,000, which is quite a premium over the Blue Oval truck. This doesn't deter buyers from the Korean marque, though, as the Santa Cruz is the fastest-selling new car in August.

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