The Ford Maverick will arrive with more than a few tricks up its sleeve when it goes on sale later this year. Ford has engineered some creative features into the bite-sized pickup truck that make it much more useful – and customizable – for owners. That list of features includes a pair of 12-volt, 20-amp prewired power sources located in the truck’s bed, allowing customers to install an assortment of accessories.

Ford published a handy video highlighting how owners could use the feature, showing off how to install an air compressor and LED truck bed lighting. The Maverick offers a two-pin connector on either side of the truck bed, hiding the connectors behind a removable plate that keeps the wiring out of sight. The video lays out all the parts you need for both projects before showing their step-by-step installation.

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The DIY solution, or e-DIY if you’re fancy like Ford, is not a plug-and-play affair as owners will need to do some electrical work to install their accessories. However, Ford’s video guides are quite thorough, and they should give first-time tinkerers the confidence they need to begin learning how they can customize their pickup as the company will offer an assortment of aftermarket upgrades and accessories. Goodies are likely to include a bike carrier, a large roof-mounted cargo box, and more.

Ford’s prewired kit is just the latest example of the automaker thinking about how customers could use the Maverick. Earlier this year, Ford said it would allow owners to 3D-print their own accessories that work with the truck’s Ford Integrated Tether System (FITS), which allows owners to add things like additional cupholders, a cord organizer, a storage bin, or whatever else the owner can dream up. Ford’s focus on customers and customization is helping to make the Maverick a compelling and affordable product to many – it has amassed more than 100,000 reservations so far. 

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