Four companies from the United Kingdom joined forces to develop the concept car you see in the gallery below. It’s called the Aura and for now, it is just a prototype, albeit a fully operational and road-legal one. Designed to preview what the future of driver’s cars looks like, it is built with sustainable materials at its core and has a very minimalistic and simplistic design language.

Publicly unveiled at the CENEX-LCV show at Millbrook Proving Ground, the Aura features a “pure, simple, iconic low-drag, efficient design” that’s been created using the latest Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technologies for testing. While the drag coefficient is not known for now, it is said that the electric car can travel up to 400 miles at a single charge of the two 44-kWh batteries. Speaking of the battery pack, one battery is mounted front, while the other one sits underneath the chassis for optimal weight distribution.

Gallery: Aura EV Concept

The Aura takes the shape of a small, two-seat roadster with no roof option. From the front, it looks a little like an open-top version of the Volkswagen XL1, though the rear end features a more prominent look. More similarities with the German diesel plug-in hybrid can be found around the rear wheels, which are covered by wheel curtains for further optimization of the aero coefficient. Large diameter low rolling resistance wheels and tires are fitted on all four corners.

The main mission of the vehicle’s infotainment system is to show that EV adoption is more accessible than users think, the creators say. The self-leveling driver display in the center of the steering wheel is the star of the show inside the cabin, and special measures ensure driver distraction is taken to the minimum. A real-world map showing the available charging points should help with range anxiety.

For now, there are no plans for mass production of the Aura. The four companies behind the project will display it at different events around the UK to gather more impressions from EV fans.

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