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Sometimes, things don't according to plan. Perhaps we're being a bit presumptuous here. We assume the red C8 Chevrolet Corvette in the above photos wasn't crushed on purpose, but hey, we've seen stranger things.

It's very safe to assume this Corvette-Maserati mashup was entirely accidental. We came upon this image courtesy of Cedric Massey on Facebook and sadly, we have no context to offer aside from what you see in the photo. There's a red Corvette on the bottom ramp of an auto transport trailer, with a white Maserati (or at least a white car with Maserati wheels) on the top. Clearly, that upper deck is way lower than it should be, and the 'Vette paid the price.

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That said, we can deduce a bit more from this image. For starters, this isn't a brand new Corvette. Aside from GM not being in the business of delivering new Maseratis, Corvettes are shipped from the factory wearing all kinds of protective wrap. This one is wrap-free, and a license plate is clearly visible on the back. This could be a used car transport, taking cars to and from vehicle auctions. It could also be a private transport, taking the owner's car from point A to B.

As for how it happened, the obvious answer is a failure of the upper ramp, but without additional information, we can't confirm that. The ramps are hydraulically operated, and there should be safety catches that hold the ramps in place during transport. It's possible the hydraulics failed while in operation, and yes, it's even possible a vengeful person did this on purpose.

Some commenters in the Facebook post suggest this is just an optical illusion since we don't see any actual damage on the Corvette. It's true that cars on transport trailers like this are strapped down tight and packed very closely togther. The angle of this image could be such to simply make it look like the ramp is down on the 'Vette, but in actuality, is just very close. However, judging by how far the rear wheel is shoved into the wheel arch suggests it's definitely not an illusion. Bummer.

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