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There won't be any new Lincoln sedans gracing the roadways of North America anytime soon. That's too bad, because the Zephyr Reflection concept that debuted earlier this year at Auto Shanghai 2021 is a handsome machine. It will see the light of day in China, however, and that day could be coming soon.

Not only that, it appears the Zephyr won't stray far from the concept in production form. Images from claim to show patent designs of the production Zephyr, apparently sourced from China's State Intellectual Property Office. This wouldn't be the first time automotive design images have leaked from the Chinese government, so while we can't get an official confirmation on the legitimacy of these designs, there's little reason to doubt their authenticity.

Gallery: Lincoln Zephyr Patent Photos

And what do we see in the Zephyr production version? It looks very similar to the concept, which shouldn't be a surprise as the concept had a production-ready vibe about it. The headlights in these patent images are slightly larger, but the bisecting bar from the lights across the grille is still there. The side mirrors are also larger, likely due to regulations for mirror size. Look very closely at the corner vents on the front fascia and you'll see what looks like a small LEDs for driving lamps. The grille for the production Zephyr features a mesh-like web, quite different from the concept.

Moving rearward, we see the concept's rear fascia is slightly different at the lower region. Chrome strips beneath the red corner reflectors are gone, and the reflectors are housed in cutouts with more vertical orientation. The production Zephyr also appears to have a faux diffuser molded into the lower fascia, though it could simply be a design aspect that doesn't translate well to a generic gray rendering.

Gallery: Lincoln Zephyr Reflection

One thing we don't know about the Zephyr is power. With the concept's lack of visible exhaust and an interior being a minimalist affair awash with digital screens, we assume it's fully electric though hybrid versions are certainly possible. The basic nature of the leaked patent images offers a general overview, but the devil is usually in the details and those aren't visible just yet.

With these images showing up from the Chinese government, an official Zephyr debut shouldn't be too far away.


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