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Few moments in life compare to the moment you get engaged. It doesn't matter if the wedding proposal is extraordinarily elaborate or a gentle, quiet moment. For the two people involved, it's a moment neither will ever forget. That moment might be especially memorable if you present a ring made from recycled cars parts designed to look like Ford's economy car. Wait, what?

Actually, jewelry is often made from recycled vehicle parts, particularly catalytic converters thanks to the platinum and other metals inside. And honestly, these rings look pretty cool, even the ones patterned after the headlights of a Ford Fiesta ST. They come from a UK-based company called Scrap Car Comparison, which as the name suggests, is primarily focused not on jewelry but finding people the best prices for buying and selling scrap cars. The jewelry portion comes through a partnership with Edward Fleming, an engagement jeweler that Scrap Car Comparison says has over 15 years of experience in the jewelry business.

Gallery: Car-Themed Engagement Rings From Scrap Car Comparison

Admittedly, buying an engagement ring styled after an inexpensive car from a scrap car price comparison company sounds a bit sketchy. However, the rings speak for themselves and they do look very good. The samples include the aforementioned Fiesta rings, featured above in blue with jewels representing the headlights. Below are two other custom styles offered as examples, including a Lamborghini Huracan theme on the left and the classic Mini on the right. Setting a diamond in a stylized tire might seem a bit cheeky for an engagement, but for car-loving couples, frankly, these rings could be epic.

Lamborghini Huracan Themed Engagement Ring
Mini Themed Engagement Ring

In addition to custom styles, rings can also be personalized with engravings. And since the materials come from recycled cars, in theory, an old car that meant something to you and your partner could be repurposed into a lifelong symbol of love. That's some serious car devotion right there.

Scrap Car Comparison doesn't mention pricing, other than to say it's available upon request. Inquires are available through the company website at the source link below.

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