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Bless you, Liberty Walk. Whenever a Japanese automaker launches an interesting, new product, the body kit maker introduces parts to give the machine a wild look. The styling is seldom attractive but is always interesting. The 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser is the latest vehicle to get this treatment.

Liberty Walk tweaks the front end with a new lower fascia with fog lights along the bottom corners. There is also a new grille with black mesh and a crosspiece connecting the lower edges of the headlights across the nose of the SUV. A Liberty Walk badge occupies the spot between this bar and the hood.

2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Liberty Walk Front
2022 Toyota Land Cruiser

The company also offers a carbon fiber hood as part of the body kit.

Fender flares are a common element to Liberty Walk designs, and they show up here, too. The pieces make the body make a lot more muscular.

2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Liberty Walk Rear
Toyota Land Cruiser 300 70th Anniversary

From the rear angle, you can get a better look at the outlets in the backs of the fender flares. Liberty Walk also adds spoilers to the roof and below the rear window. Below the bumper, there's a diffuser and an exhaust outlet with a trapezoidal shape on each side.

Liberty Walk offers this kit in several bundles. The least expensive version includes the front fascia, rear diffuser, exhaust tips, and fender flares for $6,270. An offering that adds the grille and both rear spoilers to the rest of the parts is $8,580. Finally, buyers can add the carbon fiber hood with everything else for $14,080.

For $5,500, customers can add the set of wheels that Liberty Walk shows on this Land Cruiser. They feature a black finish and have a design with multiple pairs of spokes.

If you prefer milder updates to the Land Cruiser, Toyota's Modellista division already has a less ostentatious body kit for the new SUV. The company also has some new wheel options. 

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