Grigory Gorin has sent us a comprehensive batch of renders depicting his latest project, the Lamborghini Phenomeno LP 990-4 concept in standard and Super Veloce guises.

He envisioned the Phenomeno as a future high-tech Lamborghini with styling cues from some of the company's most iconic models like the Countach and Diablo but also from more recent products such as the Reventon and Aventador.

Just like Lamborghini's Asterion concept, the Phenomeno adopts a hybrid setup but with a rear-mounted V6 gasoline engine working together with two electric motors installed at the front and back which help grant a combined output of 990 HP. The batteries reside in multiple locations to enable a balanced weight distribution and also a convenient access while on the roof there are solar panels regenerating the batteries.

The Phenomeno Super Veloce adds a variety of aerodynamic elements including a massive rear wing, along with a higher-capacity battery pack and several parts made from ultra-lightweight high-strength polymers to shave off more weight.

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