One could argue that the Ford Maverick is the first true compact pick-up truck in decades. At just a hair under 200 inches (199.7 inches or 5,072 mm to be exact), it's the smallest truck from the Blue Oval brigade in decades. Ford also made a few bold moves when they introduced it earlier this year.

For starters, the base models come standard with hybrid power. Not only that, Ford is targeting 40 miles per gallon (5.8 liters/100 kilometers) for the battery-assisted model. That said, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can't quite back up the manufacturer's just claim yet. However, they do have the official figures for the non-hybrid EcoBoost version of the compact pick-up.

But before that, here's a recap of the Maverick EcoBoost's powertrain figures. Its 2.0-liter, four-cylinder turbo is good for 250 horsepower (186 kilowatts) and 277 pound-feet (376 Newton-meters) of torque. No manual transmission is available, just an eight-speed automatic. Front-wheel drive is standard with all-wheel drive an option for the 2.0 EcoBoost. The hybrid is front-wheel drive only.

So what is the government rating for the Maverick EcoBoost? According to the EPA, it's 23 MPG city and 30 MPG highway for the front-wheel drive version. Combined mileage for the two-wheel drive Maverick EcoBoost is 26 MPG per the agency. As for the all-wheel drive, it's 22 MPG city, 29 MPG highway, and 25 MPG combined.

How does the economy numbers stack up against the next Ford pick-up in line, the Ranger? Well, it's no surprise that the Maverick is more efficient, but by how much? Based on EPA ratings, the two-wheel drive Ranger does 21 MPG city, 26 MPG highway, and a combined rating of 23 MPG. Opt for the four-wheel drive model and those numbers drop to 20 MPG city, 24 MPG highway, and 22 MPG combined. All in all, the Maverick presents a 2 to 4 MPG advantage over its bigger brother.

Of course, it results will vary in the real world but we're not expecting those to be too far off the government ratings. As for the hybrid version, we'll have to wait and see what the EPA makes of it. That said, Maverick Hybrid order scheduling has been put on hold 'until further notice.'


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