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When you hear the brand Bugatti, two concepts will always immediately come to mind: luxurious cars and top speed records. But the French carmaker hasn't limited itself to products we mere mortals can't afford.

We've seen a Bugatti smartwatch before and while that in itself was still quite a purchase, its price tag was way below the posh sports cars – unlike the other Bugatti watch with a tiny working W16, which actually costs a fortune.

But if you're still looking for the most affordable Bugatti out there, look no further. The answer comes from GilletteLabs – yes, Gillette, the grooming brand.

Gallery: GilletteLabs x Bugatti Special Edition Heated Razor

In a press release, the two companies have forged a partnership "to make every shaving experience exceptional." We couldn't agree more but that isn't because of the Bugatti Macaron embedded onto the razor's Chiron Pur Sport-inspired premium-grade aluminum-zinc handle.

The product of the partnership is Gillette's award-winning heated razor. Introduced in 2018 and recognized by Time Magazine as one of the smartest inventions of the year, the heated razor delivers instant soothing warmth for a more comfortable shave and "sensorial experience" with the push of a button.

"Just as each Bugatti embodies the incomparable driving experience, this ultra-precise razor was developed not just to shave, but to create the utmost luxury at-home shaving experience," said Gary Coombe, CEO, P&G Grooming.

If you need to know the price, Bugatti unfortunately didn't disclose any but for reference, a regular Gillette Heated Razor sells for $200. That said, expect a bit of an added premium for the Bugatti Special Edition Heated Razor, which should come with a magnetic wireless charging dock, two blades refill, co-branded custom cleaning cloth, and Smart plug.

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