Camping vacations were gaining popularity before the pandemic, but it's jumped exponentially in the last year. It's the ultimate socially distanced getaway, and truck toppers offer compact all-in-one solutions for those not interested in big, dedicated RVs. CyberLandr is poised to enter that market with its clever telescoping topper for the Tesla Cybertruck, however, there is an elephant in the room that we'll discuss later.

Until now, we've only seen renderings of this sky-high camper that literally rises above the crowd. CyberLandr took to YouTube with a short 30-second video proving this idea isn't just vaporware. Mixed in with reminders of how some of the greatest inventions of the last 100 years started in a garage, the clip features a functioning CyberLandr camper shell prototype in real life, and yes, it's in a garage.

We don't see much, as the camper shows up near the end for just a few seconds. At this stage of development it appears to be a literal shell with nothing inside. The cap slowly extends upward, nearly touching the garage ceiling as the four distinct sections we saw in the renderings are revealed. The top two levels have windows, but the prototype doesn't appear to have the extending tailgate section just yet. Perhaps the designer is still busy finishing off the garage this prototype topper is sitting in.

Gallery: CyberLandr Camper For Tesla Cybertruck

The aforementioned elephant in the room is, of course, the Tesla Cybertruck. When it debuted back in late 2019, the first deliveries were slated for late 2021. However, it's now mid-September and we haven't even seen the Cybertruck in final production form. Tesla recently confirmed that production was bumped to 2022, but an exact date in 2022 is still unknown. Meanwhile, there are over , though they are fully refundable should prospective buyers get cold feet or simply grow tired of waiting.

As such, CyberLandr is in a tricky spot. Nobody can fault the burgeoning company, as the camper shell is right on time for Tesla's original Cybertruck schedule. And there's considerable interest in this camper, as there are over 1,100 reservations according to the company. Of course, it's all for naught without an actual truck to use it.


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