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Up until now, the 415-mile Tesla Model S Long Range equipped with 19-inch wheels used to be the longest-range EV ever rated by the Environmental Protection Agency. It's now being dethroned by newcomer Lucid Motors with its hotly anticipated Air electric sedan. The official EPA rating is out and mentions the car will do 520 miles between charges in its most efficient configuration.

That would have to be the Lucid Air Dream Edition Range equipped with 19-inch wheels whereas the same car fitted with the larger 21-inch set will cover a still-impressive 481 miles. Compared to the former leader, the Air beats the Model S Long Range by 115 miles with the standard wheels and by 106 miles with the bigger set.

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If we're talking power, the Dream Edition Range is nearly at the top of the food chain by producing 933 hp whereas the Tesla Model S Plaid-rivaling Dream Edition Performance bumps output to a staggering 1,111 hp. Naturally, opting for the go-faster variant has a negative impact on range, which drops to 471 miles for the version riding on 19-inch wheels and to 451 miles for the 21-inch model.

Lucid Motors is also selling the Air in a Grand Touring flavor with 800 hp and 516 miles or 469 miles of range, depending on wheel size. Naturally, all six variants are now positioned at the very top of EPA's list of electric vehicles with the longest range. As a refresher, the sedan has been engineered on a 900V+ electrical architecture, promising 300 miles of range in only 20 minutes of charging and support for bi-directional charging.

Those willing to sacrifice some range for extra performance should know the 1,111-hp model aims to do 0-60 mph in two and a half seconds and complete the quarter-mile run in 9.9 seconds. Depending on the version, the Lucid Air will come with a choice of single- and dual-motor setups and will deliver that massive range courtesy of a large 113-kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

Production has already commenced at a new $700-million factory in Arizona and the first customer deliveries should take place later this year. Reservations for the $169,000 Dream Edition have long been filled, meaning you'll have to settle for a $139,000 Grand Touring. Lucid Motors wants $95,000 for the 620-hp Touring model and $77,400 for the base 480-hp Pure, with both having a projected 406 miles of range.

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