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The Cadillac Blackwing badge is only available on two models – the CT4-V and CT5-V. Both are sedans, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. A new report from Muscle Cars and Trucks, citing “sources close to the automaker,” says that the luxury brand has no plans to expand Blackwing’s availability to any coupe, wagon, or convertible body style. If you want a Blackwing, you will have to be happy with a sedan. 

If true, it’s not shocking news. The publication’s sources didn’t say why Cadillac wouldn’t expand the Blackwing brand beyond four-door cars, though sedan, coupe, and convertible sales continue to flounder. There’s also stiff competition with luxury performance coupes and convertibles, though this could be an argument for why Cadillac needs to build these vehicles. Previous Cadillac V models came in a variety of styles, including the coveted CTS-V wagon and the ATS-V coupe.

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However, General Motors tasked Cadillac with becoming the company’s EV leader, and that effort will require cash and resources. Developing low-volume performance models with niche body styles isn’t the best use of either for the company, which is why we won’t see any new variants for the entire CT4 and CT5 lineup, Blackwing badge or not. Both will be sedans through their entire product lifecycle, according to the publication.  

Cadillac’s shift toward becoming an all-electric company means that the automaker will be highlighting those models over their performance machines. However, customers should not expect potent models to disappear completely from Cadillac’s lineup anytime soon. Spy shots have shown that Cadillac is developing an Escalade-V model, which could use GM’s supercharged 6.2-liter LT4 that makes 668 horsepower (498 kilowatts), and we expect the V badge to continue with the brand’s EVs. It’s sad the Blackwing models won’t spawn new variants, but they are a fitting swan song to the company’s performance efforts. 

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