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Just when you think you've seen everything, a single video surfaces from the depths of the internet to remind you that nope, there are endless levels of crazy. Reddit is perhaps the best place for such reminders, and that's where we encountered this, um incident. We can't call this an accident, which will become abundantly clear once you see the video.

Reddit user tvgenius shared a TikTok video showing a beefy Ford Super Duty pickup truck towing a properly massive camper trailer through a drive-thru lane at a Dairy Queen. These rigs aren't the easiest to maneuver and are quite tall to boot, so generally speaking, you don't take them through any drive-thru. Apparently, the driver of this truck didn't get the memo, nor it seems had the intellectual capacity to observe real-world situations and come to some very basic conclusions. But wait, there's more. There's so much more, but before clicking play, know that there is some strong language in the clip.

Everyone makes mistakes, right? Perhaps this person is new to the world of trailer towing, but that doesn't explain the insanity seen here. The driver doesn't simply crunch the side of the building and stop. This person backs up and goes forward again. And again. And again. The last gasp has coal rolling from the diesel engine and smoke billowing from the tires as the trailer is hopelessly wedged on the side of the building, torn completely open. A freaking propane tank breaks loose and bounces forward while the driver keeps the throttle pinned in a vain attempt to break free. That tells you all you need to know about this episode.

We don't know details of the driver or what happened afterward, but this wild scene suggests something definitely isn't right here. The license plate on the front of the truck was identified as being from western South Dakota, and other Reddit users identified the Dairy Queen's location as Yuma, Arizona. Aftermath photos posted to Reddit showed the severe damage to the trailer. TikTok user rachelgingerbeeee also was on-site for the carnage and shared this video showing the truck desperately trying to escape the drive-thru.


We've been nosing around the internet seeking more information on this wild encounter, because it certainly has us scratching our heads. If anyone has further insight, jump into the comments or shoot us an email to and let us know. Also, if you've never towed a trailer before, heed this advice: find someone who has and learn from them before going on the actual road. And if you do find yourself in a literal tight situation, for crying out loud, don't try to ram your way through it.

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