All hell is breaking loose in this recent video clip from Wheels on YouTube. Or rather, all hell is breaking loose near Denver, Colorado at Bandimere Speedway, and in this case, we're referring to Dodge Challenger Hellcats. The beefy muscle car is the star of this video, featuring two standard Hellcats and two Redeyes duking it out for supercharged Hemi supremacy.

That is, we'll assume we have two standard Hellcats and two Redeyes. The identifying features are the single-center hood scoops on the Hellcats, with the Redeyes sporting dual nostrils. It wouldn't be difficult to swap hoods, but for that matter, we don't know if these cars are stock or modified. Based on the quarter-mile times we see compared with Bandimere Speedway's elevation of 5,800 feet above sea level, we'd say some of these cars might have some add-ons. Yes, all are supercharged. But even cars with forced induction lose a bit of power once you climb into thinner air.

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That brings us to the first side-by-side pass, featuring a red Hellcat in the far lane with a maroon (Octane Red for you Mopar fans) Redeye close to the camera. We're treated to two vantage points for this pass, but both clearly show the Redeye stepping up for the win. It's not an easy win though, as both cars leap forward with strong launches and actually, the Hellcat appears to hold an early lead. The Redeye's power advantage comes on strong for the second half of the track, leading to a 10.8-second time compared to 11.2 for the Hellcat. Very healthy times for a track over a mile above sea level.

The second pairing also sees a Redeye in the near lane, proudly wearing its Plum Crazy shade of purple. We suspect this car isn't stock, and not just because it's running a set of drag radials on the back. It makes a 10.4-second pass, which would be a strong number at low altitude for a stock Redeye. As for its competitor in the far lane ... that Hellcat clearly wasn't running drag radials and had a messy launch because of it, finishing a distant second. The video concludes with the Plum Crazy Redeye making another solo pass, reinforcing its prior run with a 10.5-second sprint.

Challengers are certainly well-suited for the drag strip. It's always nice to see these modern muscle machines getting proper exercise in their natural environment.

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