Picture this. It's 2007 and the original Audi R8 is celebrating its one-year anniversary while the mechanically related Lamborghini Gallardo is blowing the fourth candle on its birthday cake. 2007 also happens to be the year when Nissan introduced the GT-R R35, a supercar still in production to this day. Not only that, but Godzilla is sticking around for at least one more year as the 2022MY is about to break cover in Japan.

There have been countless reports about how the GT-R will evolve for the R36-gen model, but we've also heard rumors about Nissan's plans to give the current car a series of final updates. According to the latest yet-to-be-confirmed intel, the twin-turbo V6 engine will receive a mild hybrid setup courtesy of a 48-volt starter generator. Not only will it make the iconic VR38DETT engine more efficient to pass stricter emissions regulations, but it will add some extra low-end punch.

The slightly electrified powertrain is rumored to replace the gasoline-only GT-R altogether as early as 2022 and soldier on for a couple more years. Not all hope is lost for purists as a Final Edition is allegedly in the pipeline as the swan song for the reputable supercar without any electric assistance. It's said to offer a little over 700 horsepower and come in only 20 examples, likely at an astronomical price tag considering the Nismo model already costs from $210,740 in the United States.

Taking into account there haven't been any leaks or teasers about the JDM-spec 2022 GT-R, it could be a sign the model year changes will be limited to design tweaks as it's been the case in recent times. Perhaps a new not-so-special special edition is in tow for the Land of the Rising Sun, with fresh paint jobs and wheels complemented by subtle cabin revisions.

The latest update for the R35 was introduced by Nissan in April for a US-spec GT-R Nismo Special Edition featuring a clear-coated carbon fiber hood with an exposed weave. Pictured here, the built-to-order supercar is dressed in Stealth Gray and rides on 20-inch Rays forged aluminum wheels. It's being offered in Japan as well, so the upcoming livestream will be about something else.

The event is scheduled to start at 2:30 PM local time on September 14, meaning it's set to start at 5:30 AM GMT if you're watching from Europe or 1:30 AM if you'll be checking out the livestream from the east coast of the United States. It's a rare occasion to see a GT-R-related livestream, and while the odds of something substantial being unveiled are slim, we're still eager to see how Nissan is perfecting the performance machine nearly 15 years after its launch.

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