Not all camping adventures involve a decked-out van or a massive motorhome. Camper shells for pickup trucks are also popular, and Canada-based Loki is expanding its lineup. We talked about the Loki Basecamp Icarustopper in early August 2021 when it was announced. Now, we have images of the topper on the production line as well as renderings showing how the interior will look.

Being a truck-based camper, you have to make the most of the limited space available. To Loki's credit, the use-of-space looks quite efficient as this topper will offer pretty much everything you could want. Provisions for a shower, portable toilet, and a kitchenette are included, and the sleeping area is large enough for a queen-sized bed. A small refrigerator and induction stove are part of the kitchen, not to mention the sink. A pivoting table on a rail system provides a small eating or working area anywhere along the sofa bench spanning the right side.

Gallery: Loki Icarus Truck Camper Images

It's one thing to talk about these features. Newly released renderings give us an idea of how it all comes together. The shower is at the very back of the camper next to the sink, in an area called the mud room. The shower is removable, and the area also offers a seat and table. An air compressor is also stored there. The lounge area is large enough for someone to stretch out, though there's only room for one person to work in the kitchen.

600 amp-hours of power are held in lithium batteries, juiced up by 300 watts of solar on the roof. A 2,000-watt inverter is part of the package, and that's good because the camper is jam-packed with exterior lighting. Heating and air conditioning along with the camper's insulated fiberglass construction make it a four-season rig.

Gallery: Loki Basecamp Icarus Truck Camper

The Basecamp Icarus is designed to fit in pickup trucks with either a six-foot or eight-foot bed. It is quite expensive at $69,000, and no, that doesn't include the truck. It still slots beneath Loki's larger Basecamp Falcon, which is priced from $135,000. A recent Instagram post shows that Icarus production is underway, so models should be available soon.

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