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COVID-19 continues to cause chaos in many areas of the world, including Japan. The overall number of cases is falling in the county, but there are regional hot spots. This is disrupting not only car production but also car-related events. Nissan announced today that it has to cancel this year's Nismo Festival, while Toyota said a parts shortage is forcing it to adjust its production operations for the next few months.

Nissan made its decision to cancel the event to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. "Nissan and Nismo regret and understand the disappointment caused to all fans who were looking forward to the event," Nissan said in a press release. This would have been the festival's 23rd gathering after it was canceled last year also due to the coronavirus pandemic. Employees from both Nissan and Nismo were working hard toward the event, but the companies ultimately decided to cancel it. COVID cases began to rise leading up to the 2021 Olympics held over the summer in Tokyo. 

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The coronavirus is causing Toyota to suffer a different headache. The company said that several local suppliers in Southeast Asia had to curtailed operations due to the virus' spread, which is now affecting the automaker. The production cutback comes just weeks after Toyota announced another cutback that would have seen production fall by 40 percent this month. The company is now looking to lose up to 400,000 vehicles from producing globally through October.

The ongoing chip constraints finally began affecting Toyota late last month, and the company reiterated today that the shortage is an ongoing issue. Though demand remains high, Toyota is looking at both medium- and long-term solutions for its chip woes, giving the company some confidence that November and beyond could look better, but there's no definitively clear outlook. Automakers will likely continue to see disruptions for at least the next few months.   

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