Actress Gabrielle Union has set a high bar for celebrity spouses when it comes to gift-giving, especially the automotive variety. In a six-month period, she gave her husband, retired basketball star Dwayne Wade, a 1974 Ford Bronco and a Mercedes 560SL. But Bollywood director Ahmed Khan may have one-upped her with the car he bought his wife – the Batmobile. He specifically got her the one that appeared in Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns.

Khan’s wife Shaira posted several photos of the car to her Instagram, and it looks straight out of the movie. According to, the car came from the US, but it took eight months for it to arrive in Indian. It then had to be assembled in Mumbai. There isn’t much known about the Batmobile, though it does appear to feature LED lights all around, including the jet engine nozzle out the rear.


This Batmobile gained popularity when it starred alongside Michael Keaton. The two movies hit theaters in 1989 and 1992, and introduced a stunning Art Deco interpretation of Gotham City and the Batman lore. The Batmobile used in the movies was built on a Chevy Impala Chassis with a Chevy V8 under the hood, sporting a body chiseled from a 1970 Corvette. There’s no word if the Kahns’ Batmobile has a functioning afterburner like the one in the movies, though.

A video gives an even closer look at the Batmobile, revealing an interior that looked nothing like the one seen in the movies. It appears to feature ambient lighting on the dash, with a screen in front of the passenger. We’d love to see more of the creation up close. The Cape Crusader is a worldwide icon, and the movies and media featuring the hero have found their way around the world. Cool cars, even if they’re fake, can turn heads anywhere.

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