Following a sneak preview from two months ago, Rinspeed has released full details about their Budii concept set to premiere next month in Geneva.

Just like we assumed, the Rinspeed Budii is based on the BMW i3 and tries to preview the future of autonomous electric city cars. It represents the 21st concept developed by the Swiss company and has been envisioned with a movable robotic arm featuring a steering wheel for those moments when those sitting on the front seats want to manually control the EV. In autonomous mode, the seven-axis robotic arm sits in the center and can act as a table or "attentive personal valet."

The next-gen infotainment system has been developed by Harman and is capable of identifying the preferences and habits of the driver in order to reduce the necessary operating steps, thus turning the Budii into a "learning and proactive companion." The central display sits on an aluminum frame and grants the user with access to a wide variety of features including wireless charging and automatic payment for parking via an NFC connection.

As for the exterior, it's heavily inspired by the BMW i3 but the concept sits on 19-inch Borbet eight double-spoke alloys and also features an air suspension with a 100mm adjustable range. There's a telescoping laser scanner on the roof called "TrackView" which provides a 3D perspective and works with a high-resolution camera to map the terrain and based on the gathered data the Budii will automatically adjust the suspension and ride height.

As a final touch, the concept has also received a pair of two-wheel electric "mini vehicles" positioned in the back in the retractable automatic drawers.

The Rinspeed Budii concept will premiere on March 3 at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

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