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The Toyota Supra is still going strong as the automaker rolls out the 35th Anniversary Special Edition and the A91-CF Edition models. Yes, those are neat and all, but Supra buyers in the UK are getting treated to a little extra something not available to the rest of the world – the GR Issho plushy. It's the brand's adventurous car companion the automaker will present during the vehicle handover experience.

Participating UK Toyota dealers will actually offer GR Issho to customers that are buying any Toyota GR or GR Sport model, including the legendary Supra. It's designed to fit in the passenger seat or the cup holder – your choice. The word Issho in Japanese means "together," and GR Issho is certainly an adorable companion. Sadly, the plushy is only available in the UK, though one sold on eBay last month for £10.99 ($15.15 at today's exchange rates), so happy hunting if you want one.

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The plushy could find its way into the back seat of several Toyota models. In the UK, Toyota offers the GR Supra and the GR Yaris – the compact hot hatch with all-wheel drive and a unique platform. Those are bookend by the less-sporty, though still fun C-HR GR Sport and the Corolla GR Sport. GR Issho would make a great companion in all of them.

While we don't get GR Issho in the US, we do get the Supra, which Toyota updated for the 2021 model year. We also don't get the GR Yaris, though that was never coming here anyway. The 2021 model year saw Toyota add two new models to the Supra's lineup while expanding the turbocharged 2.0-liter beyond Japan. It's not often an automaker rolls out something so cute and innocent to gives away when purchasing a special car. It's cute and thoughtful.

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