The BMW 2-Series Gran Tourer has been digitally transformed into a fully-fledged M model by X-Tomi Design.

The five-seater 2-Series Active Tourer represents a very controversial model in BMW's lineup as it’s not only their first front-wheel drive car but also the company's first ever MPV. Earlier this week, BMW introduced a seven-seat version called 2-Series Gran Tourer which is basically an enlarged derivative capable of hosting two additional rear passengers. Immediately after the reveal, BMW released images with an M Sport Package to try and make the people-carrier a bit more appealing for an extra €5,970.

Now, X-Tomi Design decided to envision an M2 Gran Tourer which will obviously never happen since there's virtually no market for a high-performance MPV but nevertheless it's interesting to see how a multi-purpose vehicle from Bavaria looks in M guise.

As a side note, some of you might remember Renault and Matra developed a rear-wheel drive, mid-engined Espace F1 (see attached pics) back in 1995 which had many F1 parts including a carbon fiber chassis and body. Power came from a V10 3.5-liter engine developing 811 HP (597 kW) sourced from the 1993 Williams-Renault FW15C Formula 1 car. However, that was obviously only a concept and never made it as a production model as it was developed to celebrate the Espace's tenth anniversary and Renault's involvement in Formula 1.

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