You’ve probably heard of the name Ora Black Cat already. It’s an all-electric, retro-looking car from China that made its official debut earlier this year. In April, it was followed by the Ora Punk Cat (and no - there’s no Rock Cat or Metal Cat), and now the funky EV is making its official premiere for Europe at the 2021 IAA in Munich. Still in near-production form for now, the Good Cat is renamed to just Cat and is Ora’s first model set to be sold on the Old Continent.

It’s a little weird that the Great Wall-owned brand emphasizes the vehicle’s design in its official press release. It’s definitely a breath of fresh air and an interesting take on the compact car in a segment where every automaker is trying to put an angry face on a small. However, we can’t help but notice the obvious resemblances with the original Volkswagen Beetle. Ora describes the exterior as “vintage-style” with “a powerful and aerodynamic appearance.”

Gallery: Ora Cat, IAA 2021

Unfortunately, the Chinese manufacturer doesn’t provide information about the electric powertrain of the Cat. From the domestic version of the car, however, we know that it is powered by a single electric motor with 143 horsepower (107 kilowatts) and 155 pound-feet (210 Newton-meters) of torque, delivered to the front wheels. Ora also explains that, for the European market, the EV will have a range of 248 miles (400 kilometers) per charge but it’s not clear whether that’s measured by the WLTP or NEDC cycle. 

The company says it has developed the vehicle in cooperation with the people who are going to drive it. And those people, Ora believes, will be “young at heart who care about their community yet still have their own take on the world.” In an attempt to allure those potential clients, Ora will deliver the Cat with a standard 360-degree camera and other tech goodies, though, unfortunately, we don’t know much about its standard equipment.

We know for sure Ora wants to begin deliveries of the Cat in Europe before the year’s end and we hope we will learn more about its specification closer to its on-sale date.

Gallery: Ora Cat 1 (Pressebilder)

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