Mercedes-Benz has found a rather scary method to drive you away from using non-OEM parts.

The commercial begins by showing a woman getting out of her second generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class and entering a rather dodgy repair shop. She starts complaining to the mechanic about the problem she's been having with the car after picking it up from the garage. Some loud and annoying noises coming from the front end of the car forced her to come back to the careless mechanic and ask him to properly fix the car.

This is where the ad gets scary as the rattling noise of the problematic car is expressed through a violent yell of the woman turned into a zombie.

Moral of the story? Buy only OEM parts and "save yourself from the horror."

PS: We weren't able to find the original source of the video so the attached clip might not come from Mercedes-Benz.

Special thanks go to Thomas for sending us the tip.