Coinciding with the turning of the leaves in the Northeast is Canossa North America’s Fall Rally of New England. Taking place along the rugged Atlantic coastline of Maine and through the White Mountains of New Hampshire, this magnificent three-day rally will be an unforgettable experience for those who take part.

Canossa North America has carefully curated this event so that it includes the area’s most exciting and iconic roads and ensures that drivers enjoy every moment behind the wheel. They have also included exclusive lapping sessions at New Hampshire’s Club Motorsport race circuit for high-speed enjoyment during the rally.

When participants aren’t behind the wheel of their vehicles, they will continue to experience the rally in many ways. Stops at some of New England’s most dynamic restaurants are included in the rally, allowing participants to enjoy exquisite cuisine from an array of menus. As for their home during the rally, they will be staying at Maine’s Cliff House Resort. This resort rests atop granite cliffs, giving guests a picturesque view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Canossa Events Fall Rallye New England

The Fall Rally of New England is, of course, a very exclusive event. With room for 20 automobiles of historic and/or exotic provenance, this rally will be a much more intimate event. The all-inclusive fee for participants is $9,900 per automobile with a maximum of two participants.

If you’re interested in the 2021 Fall Rally of New England or would like more information, be sure to contact Maria Homann by either calling (203)970-8063 or email Additionally, you can view the brochure or sign up by clicking here.

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