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Automakers of all shapes and sizes are attempting to predict the future of mobility. Electric vehicles and autonomous cars are set to transform how we get around, but a new-ish (more on that later) creation is going in a completely different direction. It's called the VonMercier Arosa, and it's a hovercraft designed to cruise over land, water, and all types of terrain in between.

It's new-ish because the idea has been percolating in some form since 2014, and there have been a few iterations. However, it has yet to reach production, but there has been advancement with its development that makes it closer to reality than ever. The latest variant is a wild creation, with tandem, open-air seating wrapped in a sleek and futuristic package. It gives off some VW XL1 vibes. A lot of details remain under wraps and exclusive to members, though the company does claim it's the most maneuverable hovercraft in the world as it uses a patented control system that allows for rapid movements.

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That means performance details are still a mystery, though previous numbers released indicated the hovercraft could hit 80 miles per hour (120 kilometers per hour). We do know that a gas engine creates electricity that powers three independent electric motors. There's also an onboard battery pack, though we don't know its size. Previous details suggested the craft would offer 120 miles (193 kilometers) of range at 40 mph (64 kph), which is fairly far for such a machine. That’s a smidge more than the Mini Cooper SE.

VonMercier plans to produce just 60 examples of the Arosa, with each starting at $75,000. That's a lot of money for a vehicle that is quite capable, though likely limited in its usability. It's unlikely you will find this cruising down the highway on a Saturday morning, as it's more of a boat than a car, and state governments often have strict restrictions as to the types of motor vehicles are allowed on public roads.

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