The Genesis GV60 debuted in August as an electric crossover with a polarizing design in an eye-catching shade of yellow. Now, the company is offering a fresh look at the model in basic white. A color change might make you feel differently about the model.

Genesis highlights the GV60's stacked headlights with a design it calls the Two Lines. "When you see the fast-moving Two Lines signature on the road passing by in silence, it can only be GV60," according to the company.

Gallery: Genesis GV60 Official Images

When viewing the GV60 along the side, the vehicle has a smooth, largely unbroken shape. There's a clamshell hood and flush-mounted door handles. The major things that break up the profile are the shark-fin radio antenna and spoiler on the hatchback.

Inside, Hyundai uses its Crystal Sphere rotating gearshift. When the vehicle is off, the element looks like a piece of trim but spins over for driving. The company touts this as a safety feature because a person can only select a gear after the element rolls over to the functional side.

"We created beauty where beauty didn’t exist in the beautiful Crystal Sphere with its laser engraving and user-configurable mood lighting. Safety and function wrapped up in emotional beauty," Genesis says about the GV60.

Genesis is not talking about the GV60's powertrain yet, butinfo from Korea Emissions and Noise Certification provides a good idea of what to expect. There are reportedly three powertrains on the way. The base model has 226 horsepower (169 kilowatts). A mid-range, all-wheel-drive version makes 325 hp (242 kW), and the top variant produces 436 hp (325 kW). 

The GV60 shares the E-GMP platform with the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6. Those models are available with batteries ranging from 58.0 to 77.4 kilowatt-hours. This should provide a range of at least 300 miles.

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