These are the pics which fell by the wayside when BMW head honchos chose the final 7 Series design. Close, but no cigar.

2009 BMW 7 Series, whose official pictures and stats were revealed to the public almost three weeks ago, could have gone a different way. That way would have seen it take on a more CS Concept look than it eventually did. These sketches reveal a look that is very closely sculptured on the CS, thus revealing that BMW’s next design direction may have been publicly displayed by the CS, but it has its roots also in the new 7. The sketches are probably from the year 2003.

One thing to be remembered about car design, especially for a major brand like BMW, is that initial model sketches are sourced from pretty much every designer who works for that brand several years before launch, and the company’s board of directors eventually approves one which will be used to base a particular vehicle on. Therefore these drawings we see now are the winning choices so to speak. Makes one wonder what all the “losing” ones look like...

Radical BMW 7 Series Sketches Revealed