A Ford dealer has gifted 56-year-old James Robertson with a brand new 2015MY Taurus after finding out he has been walking 21 miles to work every day in the last 10 years.

His Honda broke down in 2005 and since then he walked 21 miles (34 km) to work each day because he couldn't afford to buy a new car. Someone found out about his predicament and initiated a campaign on GoFundMe as an attempt to raise $5,000 to buy James a car. At the moment of writing, the campaign has raised a whopping $325,447 and will come to an end tomorrow night.

The Detroit Free Press mentions Suburban Ford of Sterling Heights in Michigan heard the story and decided to reward James who in the past 10 years never showed up late at work and had a perfect attendance. They gave him a fully-loaded red 2015 Ford Taurus so that he won't have to take the bus for 2 miles and then walk 21 miles to get to his job as a an injection molder at a factory in Rochester Hills.

As a final note, it's surprising that he didn't buy a bicycle in all these years which would have saved him a lot of time.

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