A Russian couple has decided to press charges against Porsche after their Panamera went up in flames in Moscow, Russia.

The incident happed last Saturday around 4:30 AM when older members of the family woke up after sensing smoke so they decided to check out the garage where they noticed the Panamera 4S was burning. The fire started from under the hood and it could have ended much worse if the adjacent gas boiler and gas outlet exploded.

Initially, the couple tried to put out the fire but after a few unsuccessful attempts they decided to call the fire department. They arrived as fast as possible and stopped the fire but it was too late for the car as the flames completely destroyed it while the garage was also damaged.

After the incident, the owner hired an independent expert to investigate what happened and he arrived at the conclusion that a short circuit in the engine compartment is the one to blame for the fire.

This is where the story really gets interesting as the owner of the car, Roman Martynenko, says he's a regular Porsche customer and he personally knows Porsche AG shareholder (and Ferdinand Porsche's youngest son) Wolfgang Porsche so he decided to call him and explain what happened. However, he was completely ignored and Porsche even said they haven't heard of any cases involving Panamera fires.

As a consequence, the Russian couple has decided to sue Porsche for 100 million rubles (about $1.5 million).

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