Our favorite automotive mechanic - famous YouTube star Arthur Tussik - is back with another video that has already gathered the attention of nearly 40,000 viewers on the web. This time around, the skillful specialist is dealing with a heavily damaged Lexus RX 450h that has probably been involved in a sandwich crash as it has damage to both the front and rear ends.

Of course, everything begins with the complete disassembly of the luxury SUV and Arthur admits the newer the model, the more difficult it is to work on it. This doesn’t sound surprising at all given the level of complexity of modern vehicles, especially the electrical system with all the sensors and radars at the front.

Arthur is a professional, though, and it takes him a little time to dismantle the plastic trim that’s covering the boot lid, for example. Honestly, we’ve done this and we know it’s a tricky job if you want to reuse the plastic clips that are holding the panels to the metal support. After all the trim is out, it’s time for Arthur to rack the deformed exterior panels and the construction behind them.

Obviously, not all parts can be restored as some are damaged beyond repair. Arthur cuts some of the more deformed panels and replaces them with parts from donor cars. After all the parts are in place, he measures the gap to make sure everything fits well. Simply put, this is a test assembly before the body is prepared for a spray.

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At the back, it’s a very similar story, though fewer parts are replaced here. Before he is ready to install the new parts, he makes a quick check of the gaps and lines with a laser. Every welding point is carefully treated with the necessary preservative, bounding, and sealing chemicals. If you’ve watched some of Arthur’s videos, you probably know he is usually not responsible for the preparation of the body for the paint. His final work is to put all the parts back together once the car is back from the paint shop.

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