Are you looking for a classic car covered in decades of dust and bird droppings? Well then, London Barn finds have 174 vehicles coming up for auction that you will be very interested in. Youtuber TheTFJJ, had the opportunity to visit the entire London Barn Finds auction lot and see exactly what sort of exciting vehicles are coming up for sale. Keep a sharp eye out and let us know which barn find in this collection is your favorite.


When a unique barn find hits the auction blocks it usually stirs interest from collectors who have too many pristine vehicles and want something different. To see this massive collection in barn finds it beyond unique and something we may not see an equal to for a very long time. 174 very interesting barn finds are now assembled in London for pre-auction viewing Monday 30th August 2021 in North London 11am to 4pm with more details to follow tonight at 6pm.

Based on the walkaround video by TheTFJJ, this collection to home to some very valuable collector’s cars in need of a good clean and restoration. We can see a 1974 Porsche 911 Cabriolet, a BMW M5, VW T2 Camper Van, and a BMW 2002 to name a few. The main advertisement for this collection is currently only on Instagram which is an interesting way to attract high-powered buyers.

As time marches out barn finds of unique classic cars becomes more and more exciting. There is a finite amount of very old cars waiting to be discovered. This massive collection of 174 examples is packed with cars worth seeing and we expect that all vehicles will easily find a new home. A home that we hope is much cleaner.

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