Advanced RVseems always to push the boundaries for campers, and its latest creation is no different. It’s called the Asteroid of Happiness, and it can not only sleep four, but it can sit four, as well. It’s a four-season brute with all the niceties one would want for a weekend – or week – away. It even comes with a combination washer/dryer.

The Asteroid of Happiness sits on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis with a 170-inch wheelbase. It measures 24.5 feet long (7.46 meters) with the rear bumper while offering 80 inches (203.2 centimeters) of interior height. That space allows Advanced RV to install the Freedman leather seats behind the front cab, which are bolted to the chassis and equipped with seatbelts. A deployable table creates a four-person eating area.

Gallery: Advanced RV Asteroid Of Happiness

At the rear is a platform bed that’s separated from the RV by a privacy curtain. The other bed is on the roof in the pop-up tent, accessible by an interior ladder and hatch. Advanced RV installs RGB light controls up there, too, for added ambiance. The platform bed in the rear sits over a rear garage and storage area. Inside, there’s counter space, an induction stovetop, a coffee maker, a convection microwave, and a fridge and freezer. A high-definition Sonos sound system pumps tunes and other media through the interior.

There’s a dry bathroom with a separate shower room with fans venting to the outside, while a 50-gallon tank supplies the fresh water. There are two 27.5-gallon gray and black water tanks to handle the dirty stuff. There’s an 80-amp-hour lithium battery system that charges through an engine alternator. Advanced RV upgraded the camper’s suspension with custom-tuned Fox shocks and an air suspension system that completely replaces the stock Mercedes rear suspension. The final result is a compact and feature-rich camper that can accommodate four adults, which is impressive.

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